bowtieThanks for popping by. As you probably gathered, my name’s Joseph Begley. You can currently find me presenting weekday breakfast and Saturday daytime on Lincs FM to an audience of 298,000 listeners each week.

In a move as surprising to me as it no doubt is to you, I was nominated for Best New Presenter at the 2017 Radio Academy ARIAs; the only new, young commercial ‘jock’ to be nominated. In the end Freddie Flintoff walked away with the top prize. I thought my days of consistently losing out to sporty guys had finished when I left school but alas it’s followed me into adult life.

Radio’s the one thing I’ve always wanted to work in since I was a wee boy in short trousers. I started off on Bedroom FM as a teenager, painstakingly writing out my own music logs and managed to double my audience in just one year*. I then created my own podcast that my school friends were forced chose to listen to. There was then a decision for me: do I go to university and the student radio route or dive straight in and work my way up the ladder through work experience and the like? I opted for the latter* (*ladder said in a Norn Irish accent)

I’ve done numerous things that could be classed as ‘work experience’ – I assisted the award-winning Sam and Amy on their breakfast show at Gem for six months, I’ve popped to One Golden Square numerous times and I started beavering away at my local station. My first proper paid role in radio involved me dressing up in a sweaty bear costume at local events and, let me tell you, I never miss it.

I then got offered a job: six months after having never been on radio before I was presenting a daily afternoon show and covered breakfast not soon after. I then leapt further up the corporate ladder and moved to company HQ to present shows there.

I’m a personality jock through and through; every link I do has me flowing through it. That doesn’t mean they’re all rambling though – I can and do produce slick links, keeping the music flowing where necessary. In my head I always want to provide “value for money” for the listener. I want them to go away from listening, be it for ten minutes or an hour, having heard something that connects with them.

As well as day to day presenting and familiarity with Genesys and Myriad playout systems, I schedule music in Powergold, produce content for social media and the website, and of course edit and create production and features in Audition/CoolEdit. I frequently interview musicians and pop stars, be it in person or down the line, and these interviews air across the group of radio stations. I also know my way round Adobe InDesign (that’s what being the editor of a school magazine does for you) and like 90% of the people on this planet I can use Microsoft Office, obviously.

In my spare time you can probably find me watching an episode of Murder, She Wrote or scratching my head and wondering where it all went wrong.

Joseph x


P.S Interested in what I’m listening to music-wise? It’s all listed here.

*we got another cat

Quoted 298,000 listeners: RAJAR Q3 2018, combined Lincs FM, Compass FM & Rutland Radio weekly audience figures

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