Best Of 2015

I know everyone else published their ‘Best Of’ lists in December so I’m late to the party on this one, but…

Here are a load of songs I really quite liked in 2015:

Brandon Flowers’ album The Desired Effect was very good, although his album campaign was basically “release a billion tracks from the album before the actual album” which kind of took away the buzz for me a bit. What happened to the good old one single + second single and then the album days, eh? Bonus points for having Neil Tennant pop up in I Can Change though.

Years & Years blah blah blah, you’ve inevitably read a lot of spaffing about them already so I won’t join in the chorus too much BUT it’s nice to see homegrown talent doing well, and a gay frontman blah blah blah although the unspoken secret is that they’re a bit rubbish live. Olly’s cover of Santa Baby for Radio 2 was quite good though. The chilled stuff is very good ‘sex music’, and the pop stuff is very good ‘radio music’ so it’s nice to see them having fingers in two pies.

Mabel! Chilled innit. Although given she comes from a musical family (daughter of Neneh Cherry) it’d be a family scandal akin to accidentally setting the house on fire if she was bereft of any musical talent. Thankfully she’s not. Know Me Better was alright, My Boy My Town was really great. Also shares her name with a character from Animal Crossing so +1 point.

I kept hearing Dua Lipa’s Be The One on the radio and thought it sounded great and according to Popjustice there’s more amazing stuff on the way, so watch this space etc etc. Still not the best song called Be The One, though.

Troye Sivan: very good pop star and not a YouTube star with a terrible ego, which is a bonus. Album wasn’t too shoddy either. Also a homosexual, so bonus points.

Nothing But Thieves’ Wake Up Call: I quite liked this song but the album was a bit too Red Hot Chilli Peppers 2.0 (and not particularly good at it) for my liking.

Oh, Carly Rae. One of the best pop albums going but fell into the La Roux category of not selling very well which is a pity. Although her UK album campaign was a disaster and it came out far too late so she only has herself to blame.

Hurts! The people we should have sent to Eurovision but never did (in fact they were invited to in 2012 but were dropped in favour of Engelbert Humperdinck). A lot of people thought there third album was a bit naff and commercial but I really enjoyed it, so whatever. I could also imagine listening to Wish while on a night bus having just split up with a lover as the rain lashes against the windows, so that’s something.

Izzy Bizu! Very good thing to shout when you stub your tow. White Tiger’s getting more radio play but I prefer Adam & Eve.

Longfellow – I was singing along (as much as you can with a melancholy song) to this by the second chorus.

Jérôme Echenoz: for some bizarre reason Spotify’s Discover Weekly offers me up a track from France every few weeks and this was one of them. I love the haunting nature of this. Echoes of Public Service broadcasting too.

Olly Murs released Seasons and Beautiful To Me as the third and fourth single from the album even though both were really quite good. Oh Olly.

Giorgio Moroder and some bloke called Matthew Koma – Tempted: best song on the album which nobody bought. even deja Vu with Sia didn’t perform particularly well chart wise, and don’t mention Britney Spear’s cover of Tom’s Diner. Interesting that the best song was by a non-famous vocalist, given it was an album full of famouses.

Talk To Me – you might safely assume I’d hate this song but it’s in my Top 5 favourites of the year, hands down.

DNCE – the Jonas brother that everyone’s forgotten about’s band. Involves swears.

Look, it’s that bloke Matthew Koma again singing about Taylor Swift. #sorelevant

FFS Josef Salvat – Open Season was one of my most played songs back in late and the promise of an album wasn’t far away. I waited. And waited. And waited. It’s eventually coming out over here mid-February, but the French have already got it (the bastards) because he’s actually had a hit over there. Every song’s a winner though.

The Vamps’ Cheater – the single that annoyingly wasn’t actually a single and the best song on an odd album. The Silentó song is some of the worst pop I’ve heard in ages. The album also includes a ditty about falling in love with a lesbian if that tickles your fancy.

Who would have imagined a Squeeze comeback in 2015? Cradle To The Grave was an alright sitcom and quite a good song.

The Chemical Brothers’ Go. What. A. Tune.

Petite Mellor. Great song, public didn’t buy it because they’re crap like that. Same goes for the new Foxes stuff.

Marlon Roudette. I loved this at the time and still love it now. More pop songs need steel pan drums.

Erik Hassle. WHAT A SONG. He’d taken some time out from music for a bit and returned with No words and OMFG what a comeback.

Duke Dumont nicked the crown from the Lighthouse Family for ‘Best Song Called Ocean Drive’.

Calvin Harris and Haim. SO so SO sO gOOd. Sounded great on the radio and no one ever plays it anymore. The bastards.

Honourable mentions for: SOAK, Tame Impala, Prides (although I Should Know You Better from 2014 is still their best song), Cilia, Folded Like Fabric, Jamie XX & Romy, Martin Solveig, Little Mix, Circa Waves, Wolf Alice, Jack Savoretti, Rae Morris, Galantis, Blonde, Hailee Steinfeld (another song nobody bought) and Jess Glynne.



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